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Streamline Emails with Must-Try Extensions

In today's fast-paced world, staying productive is key to success. With so many tasks and responsibilities, it can be challenging to manage everything efficiently. That's where email extensions come in. These must-try extensions can streamline your email communication, save you time, and enhance collaboration. In this article, we will explore the top email extensions you should try and provide key takeaways to help you make the most of them.

Key Takeaways

  • Email extensions can save you time by providing email templates, organizing your inbox with filters, enhancing collaboration, and boosting productivity with reminders.

  • Must-try email extensions include Boomerang, Grammarly, Mailtrack, and Sortd.

  • Streamline email communication with, Loom, Trello, and SaneBox.

Why Use Email Extensions?

Save Time with Email Templates

Email templates are a game-changer when it comes to saving time and streamlining your email communication. Whether you're scheduling a meeting, confirming an appointment, or following up on a sales inquiry, email templates provide you with pre-designed messages that you can easily customize and send with confidence and efficiency. With a range of time-saving templates tailored to various scenarios, you can say goodbye to repetitive typing and hello to productivity.

Organize Your Inbox with Email Filters

Managing your inbox can be overwhelming, especially when you receive a large volume of emails every day. That's where email filters come in handy. By setting up filters, you can automatically categorize and organize your incoming emails based on specific criteria. For example, you can create a filter to automatically move all emails from a certain sender or with a specific keyword to a designated folder. This helps you declutter your inbox and ensures that important emails are easily accessible. With email filters, you can spend less time searching for emails and more time focusing on what matters.

Enhance Collaboration with Email Sharing

Collaboration is key in any team or project, and email sharing can greatly enhance this process. By allowing team members to easily share emails with each other, important information and updates can be quickly disseminated. This promotes better communication and knowledge sharing, leading to improved teamwork and productivity.

Boost Productivity with Email Reminders

Reminder emails, if used right, can make a world of difference in boosting productivity, improving relationships, and promoting accountability at the workplace. By setting reminders for important tasks or follow-ups, you can ensure that nothing slips through the cracks and that you stay on top of your email game. Whether it's a deadline, a meeting, or a simple task, a well-timed reminder can help you stay organized and focused. With the right email extension, you can easily schedule reminders and never miss an important email again.

Must-Try Email Extensions

Boomerang: Schedule Emails for Later

This tool allows users to schedule emails to be sent at a later time, set reminders for follow-ups, and manage their inbox efficiently. With its intuitive interface, Boomerang ensures emails are sent and received at optimal times, maximizing engagement. The extension’s read-receipt feature provides insights into email opens, aiding professionals in gauging recipient interactions. Boomerang’s user-friendly design and seamless integration into Gmail make it an indispensable tool for those seeking to streamline their email communication, stay organized, and optimize their email outreach.

Grammarly: Improve Your Email Writing

Grammarly is a powerful tool that can significantly enhance your email writing. It offers advanced grammar checks and sentence rewriting to help you craft well-crafted, thoughtful replies that hit the mark almost every time. With its context-aware email drafting feature, Grammarly can read the email you are responding to and write a professional response that doesn’t require much editing. It also provides command prompts for AI writing, allowing you to write anything using a command prompt.

Key Features:

  • Context-aware email drafting

  • Advanced grammar checks and sentence rewriting

  • Command prompts for AI writing with the Chrome extension

  • Style rules that you can customize to your writing

GrammarlyGo understands the nuances of your communication, offering well-crafted, thoughtful replies that hit the mark almost every time. It can generate professional emails in your own tone, maintaining a personalized communication style. Additionally, GrammarlyGo incorporates grammar and spelling correction capabilities, ensuring polished and error-free communication. It also allows you to save and reuse AI-generated email templates, saving time and effort in email composition.

Pricing: Free plan available with paid plans starting at $30/mo (dramatic savings with annual subscriptions).

Mailtrack: Track Email Opens and Clicks

Mailtrack is a handy email extension that allows you to track when your emails are opened and clicked. With real-time notifications, you can stay updated on the engagement of your emails and gain valuable insights into your recipients' actions. This information can be useful for various purposes, such as knowing when to follow up on important emails or gauging the effectiveness of your email campaigns.

If you're a salesperson, knowing when a prospect opens your email can help you determine their level of interest and tailor your follow-up accordingly. For marketers, tracking email opens and clicks can provide valuable data for measuring the success of your campaigns and optimizing your email content.

Here's a quick overview of the benefits of using Mailtrack:

  • Real-time notifications for email opens and clicks

  • Insights into recipient engagement

  • Ability to gauge the effectiveness of email campaigns

  • Tailoring follow-ups based on recipient actions

So if you want to take your email tracking to the next level, give Mailtrack a try!

Sortd: Turn Your Inbox into a To-Do List

Sortd for Gmail is a simple, lightweight add-on that transforms your email into organized lists, helping you stay on top of your tasks and grow your business. With Sortd, you can easily prioritize and manage your emails, ensuring that nothing falls through the cracks. It's like having a personal assistant who knows your preferences and acts on them without you having to say a word. Sortd uses AI algorithms to intelligently sort your emails into relevant folders or labels, making it easy to find important messages and stay organized. Say goodbye to a cluttered inbox and hello to a more productive day.

Streamline Email Communication Manage Subscription Emails

Thankfully, there are productivity extensions specifically designed to help you manage your email more effectively. “Boomerang” is a popular choice, allowing you to schedule emails to be sent at a later time or date. This is particularly useful when dealing with different time zones or when you want to follow up on an important email at a specific time. Another useful extension is “,” which helps you declutter your inbox by unsubscribing from unwanted email subscriptions. It also provides a daily digest of your subscribed emails, allowing you to quickly scan through them without getting overwhelmed. Additionally, “Mailtrack” is a handy extension that provides real-time notifications when your emails are opened, giving you valuable insights into your email engagement.

Productivity Extensions for Organization and Note-Taking

Keeping your thoughts and ideas organized is essential for staying productive. Fortunately, there are productivity extensions available for note-taking and organization. “Evernote” is a popular choice, offering a user-friendly interface and features like creating and organizing notes, setting reminders, and syncing across devices. Another option is “OneNote,” which integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Office and provides a wide range of formatting options for your notes. These extensions can help you stay organized and ensure that important information is easily accessible when you need it.

Markdown Table Example:

Markdown List Example:

  • Schedule emails for later with Boomerang

  • Manage subscription emails with

  • Track email opens and clicks with Mailtrack

  • Take notes and stay organized with Evernote

  • Use OneNote for note-taking and organization

Loom: Record and Share Video Emails

Loom is a powerful email extension that allows you to record and share video emails with ease. With Loom, you can create personalized video messages to communicate more effectively with your recipients. Whether you want to provide a quick tutorial, give feedback, or simply add a personal touch to your emails, Loom makes it simple and convenient.

One of the key features of Loom is the ability to embed videos directly into your emails. This means that your recipients can watch the video without having to leave their inbox. To embed a video, simply open the video you'd like to share, click Share, and select Embed. You can even copy the GIF thumbnail to transfer it to your clipboard.

Loom also offers real-time analytics, allowing you to track the performance of your video emails. You can see how many times your video has been viewed, track engagement metrics like click-through rates, and even monitor viewer drop-off points. This data can help you understand the effectiveness of your video emails and make improvements as needed.

In addition, Loom integrates seamlessly with popular email platforms like Gmail, making it easy to incorporate video into your existing email workflow. You can access Loom directly from your email compose window, record your video, and insert it into your email with just a few clicks.

If you're looking to enhance your email communication and make a lasting impression, give Loom a try. It's a must-have extension for anyone who wants to take their emails to the next level.

Trello: Turn Emails into Actionable Cards

Trello is a powerful tool that allows you to turn your emails into actionable cards. With Trello, you can easily organize and manage your tasks and projects in a visual and intuitive way. By creating cards for each email, you can track the progress of your email-related tasks and collaborate with your team more effectively.

Trello offers a variety of features that make email management a breeze. You can assign due dates, add labels and attachments, and even create checklists within each card. This helps you stay organized and ensures that nothing falls through the cracks.

Additionally, Trello integrates seamlessly with other popular productivity tools, such as Slack and Google Drive. This allows you to streamline your workflow and centralize all your important information in one place.

Whether you're a freelancer, a small business owner, or part of a large team, Trello can help you stay on top of your emails and boost your productivity.

SaneBox: Prioritize Important Emails

SaneBox is an AI email tool that intelligently sifts through your inbox and shows you a decluttered, prioritized list of emails that matter. It's like having a personal assistant who knows your preferences and acts on them without you having to say a word. With SaneBox, you can save time wasted on task switching and going down the email rabbit hole. It uses AI to learn your email behavior over time, making its intelligent email sorting better and better. SaneBox also offers features like intelligent email sorting, a do not disturb setting, daily email activity reports, and offloading email attachment storage to a separate cloud. It's tailored to your needs and can distinguish between urgent and less important emails, ensuring that nothing falls through the cracks. SaneBox is a lifesaver for entrepreneurs, small business owners, and anyone who's constantly swamped with emails. Get rid of hours drowning in your inbox and experience a more organized and stress-free email experience.

Streamline Email Communication


In conclusion, productivity extensions are invaluable tools for enhancing your workflow and staying organized. Whether you need help with task management, email overload, note-taking, or social media management, there are extensions available to cater to your specific needs. By leveraging the power of these extensions, you can supercharge your productivity and achieve more in less time. So, take the time to explore the options, find the extensions that work best for you, and watch your productivity soar to new heights.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are email extensions?

Email extensions are tools or software that can be added to your email client to enhance its functionality and streamline your email management process.

How do email extensions save time?

Email extensions save time by automating repetitive tasks, such as creating email templates, organizing your inbox with filters, and scheduling emails to be sent later.

Can email extensions improve collaboration?

Yes, email extensions can enhance collaboration by allowing you to easily share emails, assign tasks, and collaborate with team members directly within your email client.

Do email extensions work with all email clients?

No, email extensions may be specific to certain email clients. It's important to check if the extension you want to use is compatible with your email client before installing it.

Are email extensions secure?

Most email extensions prioritize security and ensure that your data is encrypted and protected. However, it's always recommended to review the privacy and security policies of the extension before using it.

Can email extensions be customized?

Yes, email extensions often offer customization options, allowing you to tailor their settings and features according to your preferences and workflow.

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